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Self Defense Workshop


“Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.” -Rorion Gracie NSS IIT Roorkee organised a “Self Defence” workshop at ABN school, Roorkee on 15th February, 2019 from 9am-10am. The camp was led by a Taekwondo instructor along with his team of experienced professionals. The workshop was primarily set up for girls from classes 6th to 11th. The workshop included various exercises and drills. The instructor also described various instances of threat and how they could tackle it. After the workshop was over, the students were provided with refreshments. The feedback from the girls was enthralling. They described the self-defense techniques as an important asset to their safety. NSS, IIT Roorkee feels proud to have contributed towards the safety of girls and in-turn the upliftment of the nation.

Republic Day 2019


With heightened pride and ardent love for our nation, we gathered to celebrate the 70th Republic Day of our nation. The Republic Day of 2019 was celebrated at IIT Roorkee at the Main Building. Over 200 members of NSS IIT Roorkee marched from NSS Office to the Main Building chanting patriotic slogans admiring the strength and spirit of our nation. The crowd gathered at the Main Building where the celebrations began with Kulgeet and guard of honour by NCC Cadets. The Director, Dr. A.K. Chaturvedi hoisted the Indian Flag and addressed the audience. This was followed by a few performances by students of Anushruti. A team NSS volunteers visited ‘Bal Kunj’ to conduct cultural events which included singing competition, drawing competition and a game of musical chairs. ‘Bal Kunj’ is an institution founded in 2005 in Haridwar which adopts and support the education of children of leprosy victims, destitute and BPL. Students of Education Cell, NSS organized Painting and Card Making Competition for the underprivileged students to whom NSS provides regular coaching for JNVST, NTSE, and other exams. The competitions themed “Tribute to the Indian Army” were conducted with the aim of encouraging creativity in them. A video seminar was also organised where a short patriotic film was shown to the students to instil the feeling of patriotism in them. This Republic Day NSS IIT Roorkee team was successful in bringing a smile to the young faces and tried its best to instil the sense of patriotism in the young minds of our nation.

Blanket Distribution Drive (DIWALI)


Diwali, the festival of lights signifies the end of darkness and the beginning of brightness that enlightens us all. While every nook and corner of the country is resonating the festive spirit with lights and sweets, let us not forget our responsibility towards society. NSS IIT Roorkee made tremendous efforts to make this Diwali special for those who lack sufficient means to feed their bellies, let alone celebrate this auspicious festival. The team distributed blankets, winter clothes, and beddings amongst the people who were seen bearing the harsh cold on the streets of Roorkee.



The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Mahesh Khaitan, a reputed eye surgeon at Civil Hospital, Roorkee, in the presence of Mr. Naseem Ahmad, Principal at Government Primary School, Paniyala and Dr. Sachin Tyagi, Dean at RCP Group of Institutions. The camp saw a participation of 153 students. The students and school staff worked enthusiastically to play their part for the great noble cause. The whole team of NSS IIT Roorkee worked hard and put in all their efforts in spreading awareness about this camp. The procedure was kept as simple as possible for the convenience of the students. It involved a simple registration process followed by a complete eye checkup. The check-up concluded with vision screening by experienced medical practitioners. The NSS volunteers ensured that the whole checkup process underwent smoothly. The school students were provided with refreshments. The students suffering from any kind of eye disorder were provided with free spectacles by SCAWIN NGO and medical assistance by Roorkee Civil Hospital. To appreciate and motivate the students for their participation, the NSS volunteers presented the school children with various candies and chocolates. The sponsors of NSS IITR were also promoted during the camp by means of flexes and posters in and around the school itself. During the camp, some recreational activities had also been organised by the NSS volunteers which included an informative session on nutrition and food poisoning and special activities like airplane making competition and fun races. The camp finally concluded with the smiling school children, staff members and NSS volunteers in a group photograph.

The Eye Checkup Camp organised for the students of Primary Government School, Paniyala in association with SCAWIN (Society for Children and Women in Need) and Civil Hospital, Roorkee emerged as a runaway success with 153 students were provided with a free checkup and the referred students were provided with free surgical examination by civil Hospital Roorkee. The the poor visioned students were provided with free spectacles by SCAWIN(Society for Children and Women in Need). The camp was a major milestone for the NSS team. The beaming smiles and happiness reflecting from the young faces at the end of the event made the team realise how their simple efforts can bring great happiness to these faces. The team is looking forward to a long-term collaboration with SCAWIN NGO for many more similar camps.

Drawing Competition for students


Creativity is as important as literacy - Sir Ken Robinson NSS IIT Roorkee organised a drawing competition for students of class 1-9 of Chediram School, Khanjarpur on Wednesday ( 24-10-18) where students expressed their views through art. The students were asked to draw whatever comes first to their mind. The theme was quite abstract to enable the students to present their creativity. The event concluded with the prize distribution ceremony by Mr. Yatendra Kumar Choudhary who is a Retd. Army Officer and also the Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission in Roorkee. He congratulated the students for the amazing drawings and also motivated students to work hard and excel in their field of interest.

GUEST LECTURE (The Akshay Patra Foundation)


NSS IIT Roorkee had organized an interactive session on October 03, 2018 on a journey of The Akshaya Patra Foundation, the social organization which currently feeds 1.7 million children pan-India. The event began with a speech by Mr Shridhar Venkat describing his journey from the youngster aspiring to become CEO at a very young age to Mr Venkat who gave up his corporate career at its peak to satisfy his purpose of life. He explained how Akshay Patra fused technology with corporate professionalism to deliver its purpose and how it lead to the foundation’s growth. The second half of the event was an interactive session by Mr Shuklambhara Dasa on the importance of spirituality, purpose, and service for others in our lives. Altogether the session ended with the announcement of a sponsored trip to Vrindavan Akshaya Patra Kitchen and a small question and answer round with the dignitaries.



This year’s Blood Donation Camp emerged as a runaway success with 857 people coming forward for the cause of humanity. National Service Scheme, IIT Roorkee appreciates all those who turned up and donated blood and gave someone, somewhere the precious gift of life.

Independence Day 2018


Independence Day


The events conducted by NSS on Independence Day witnessed participation on a huge scale. The idea was to bring together people belonging to all strata. Holding true to the motto, NSS organized various other activities for the benefit of not just the people who are in the campus but also of those who are outside.


Morning Celebration at James Thomason Building: The gathering was attended by more than 300 people, including the Director, with contributions by ABN School and NCC cadets. This was preceded by a Prabhat Pheri in the morning, with volunteers of many cells chanting slogans celebrating 70 years of freedom.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: One of the major head-turners was the enthusiasm and energy with which the volunteers participated in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan initiative and helped clean of some public places inside and outside the campus. The event was also followed by a brief survey of the people on their current sanitary conditions and the steps they should take to improve these conditions.


Pragati Quiz: NSS Pragati Cell organised a quiz on India. The quiz had a massive turnout of around 150 students, including participation by students in classes 6-8 of nearby schools. This was followed by an interactive session, and a presentation on India’s independence struggle, which was received well by the young students.


Visit to Paniyala Village: We also believe that it is of utmost importance to take care of our environment, and hence a few volunteers also visited the village Paniyala to conduct various activities to generate awareness about soil and agricultural health.


Cloth Distribution: The team organized a cloth distribution drive at Divine School, a privately funded school for the needy and financially weak sections of society. The success of the drive could be seen in the form of smiles of faces of the children.


Treasure Hunt: The treasure hunt organized by the NSS team was well-received, which is evident from the number of participants. Around 650 freshers, belonging to 150 teams, frantically looked for answers to clues throughout the campus, and left no stone unturned to claim the prize.

Humans of IITR #7


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ - But who is going to supply the apple?

Well, we all know him.

Mr Subhash is the major, we can even say the only fruit supplier for the residents of Sarojini

Bhawan. He is the one on whom most depend for the breakfast while some for a quick

snack, many thinking of Beauty while some thinking of Immunity. But it is not as easy as one

may think of.

Mr. Subhash has to wake up every morning at 5, leave his cozy home by 6 and drive all the

way on his moped to the Naveen Mandi, Roorkee which is almost 6 Km from his home to

buy fresh fruits for his customers and, finally, reach his place of operation, by 9 in the


Throughout the day, he works hard serving the students and caring for their comfort. He tries

his best to serve them the fresh hand-picked fruits and even uses a cooling box to make

sure that they taste good irrespective of the weather conditions. He works the whole day in

his small cubicle irrespective of the less than ideal weather conditions of Roorkee. Neither

the formidable winter nor the scorching heat of summer prevents him from being there day in

and day out.

To make his both ends meet, wrapping up his fruit-selling stall by 7, he works in the

Kasturba Bhawan mess during the dinner time. He manages to reach home somewhere

around midnight which leaves him with a very little time for his family, yet he comes each

morning, brimming with enthusiasm.

NSS salutes him for being a person from whom one can draw inspiration to live despite the

burdens and obstacles faced.

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Humans of IITR #6


Humans of IITR 
“My family condemns the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Moreover, my work keeps me active, and so I’ve never felt inadequate in terms of my health” - this is what Mr. Ravindra Kumar, who works at Radhakrishnan Bhawan, tells us about how he continues to look youthful even at the age of 50.
He has been rendering his services as an integral part of the cleaning staff at Bhawan level at IIT Roorkee since 2008. Having been awarded twice for his unflinching efforts, he shows full commitment to his work with no respite, which is often cited as the best.
Apart from this, Mr. Kumar appreciates the radical changes in the views of modern society with respect to the so-called menial jobs, with due credit being given to all sections and classes. It is, however, unfortunate to note that his hours of persistent work is not appropriately rewarded, as far as his wage is concerned. “We only earn one-fifth of what the workers on a private contract do” is something the man has to say about his present condition.
Yet, despite his financial limitations, he not only manages to lead a happy and fulfilling life along with his three children but has also managed to contribute a lot towards society just by showing sincerity towards his work. Despite getting only a little time to spend with his family, he manages to balance it all with NO regrets.
Bagged with the knowledge that in the larger scheme of things his work contributes to the prosperity of the nation, he readily devotes time to his work and ensures that the quality of his work does not suffer under any circumstances. In his own words, “It keeps me active, so I’ve never given anyone an opportunity to complain.” 
NSS salutes him for his dedication and contribution he has made till date, and for cooperating with us by sharing his experiences at IIT Roorkee. A true inspiration and living ideal to all those working for the Social Good, he is undoubtedly a gem for the IITR junta! 

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Humans of IITR #5


Humans of IITR

“Education is essential because the future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

This is the belief that Mr Anuj Kumar lives by and holds it close to his heart. Aged just 22, he hails from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh and works as a guard at Rajendra Bhawan, thus, ensuring a safe environment for all its inhabitants.

Despite being from a region of deplorable literacy rates, he has very strong and profound views about education and its importance in one’s life, himself being a final year BA student of Deoband College in Saharanpur. His family consists of his loving parents, an elder brother and a younger sister. His father is a farmer, brother has a job while his sister is in Class 10. Even though they are not highly educated, all the siblings have always shown an enthusiasm for learning, be it from anywhere.

Last year itself, Anuj came to Roorkee in search of a job to financially support both his education and family, and has been working here ever since. He commutes for a total of about 80 minutes daily on his bike to reach Roorkee from, Manjol Zabardaspur, a small village in the Saharanpur district and back. His job needs him to give 8 hours of duty and he fulfills it to the best of his capabilities. He wishes to join the police force in completing his degree and wants to serve the nation.

Juggling between his duty, studies, and family without compromising with any of them all the while moving towards his dreams one step at a time is how one can describe his simple life. He truly is someone from whom one can draw an inspiration to live on despite being faced with burdens and obstacles.

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Humans of IITR #4


Humans of IITR

“I have found my home here in IIT Roorkee. I love the peace and clean air of this place.” 
Meet Pradeep Kumar, one of the many culinarians at the Rajendra Bhawan Mess. He has been working here for the past 8 years, but his relationship with this Institution goes far back.

His grandfather came to Roorkee long back and was on duty as a watchman at one of the hostels. Even his father worked here too, as a culinarian in one of the messes. His mother passed away when he was only a child, but after his father's untimely death a couple of years later, Pradeep was forced to leave his studies and take his father's job on compassionate grounds in the college, so as to provide financial support to his family. 
Here he is now, with a lovely wife and a year old son bringing back the smiles back into his life.

Having grown up here, he says that he has a close attachment to this place and it’s like his mother lap. Having been grown up here, he has formed a bond with his friends and the co-workers at IIT Roorkee. Having a close attachment to the students, he feels proud of the accomplishments of the IITians he once served.

With the increasing prices of everyday goods, he says he is a little apprehensive about his child's education. His family lives in an earn-and-spend way, as he finds it hard to make savings after everyday expenditure. Yet, he is there early in the morning every day, dressed up and working with utter diligence so that the students can have a fulfilling meal. 
NSS IIT Roorkee recognizes his efforts and wishes him luck in his future endeavours.

"The strongest of people are moulded from the greatest of adversities.”


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Humans of IITR #3





Humans of IITR
“A healthy mind needs a healthy body”. 
Meet Sundar Singh, the head chef of Rajendra Bhavan mess. It is his duty to feed close to nine hundred students, thrice a day and provide them with the necessary nutrition to keep them going throughout the day; and he takes it very seriously.
He is 48 years old and has devoted 28 years of his life as a cook of the Bhawan mess. He lives in civil lines, Adarsh Nagar, Roorkee along with his loving family. He is blessed with a son and a daughter, both of whom he provided with all the facilities required in this day and age. His son is currently studying a course in hotel management, while his daughter is doing her B.A. in Methodology School. He hopes to see them become successful in life.
This dutiful person arrives for work at 5:45 am everyday and gets on with his hectic schedule, making sure that even if all students arrive at once, the mess can provide for their dietary needs. He is meticulously dedicated towards his demanding job, and is extremely fond of meeting students he once served in the mess.
Even after being a workaholic, he is able to maintain the perfect balance between his life and his work. He reflects the true Thomsonian spirit that our institute inculcates in its culture.

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Humans of IITR #2



Mother of four and an integral part of hundreds of lives, Mrs Rachna Godiyal is a part of the housekeeping staff of one of the girl’s hostel at IIT Roorkee- Sarojini Bhawan. She has been working in Sarojini Bhawan for the past 35 years.

Not very far from her hometown, Dehradun, she started working as a cleaning lady in the girl’s hostel at the age of 25. She is believed to have brought about a remarkable change in the hygiene status of the hostel and has set new standards of cleanliness. Her husband also works in the James Thomason Building of IIT Roorkee and they both have been a part of the IITR fraternity for a long while.

Mrs Rachna considers all the Bhawan inmates as her own children and besides doing her job, she also tries her level best to make the girls comfortable. When asked about her relations with the girls, she gracefully answered that all the girls are part of her family and every year a set of new members keep adding to her Large and Happy Family. She keeps chit-chatting with the freshers so that they can adjust comfortably to their new residence away from home and family.

To support her family’s financial state in every feasible way, Mrs Rachna works hard the whole day but is not quite satisfied with her pay. She even tries to work Overtime whenever possible to make her ends meet. Nevertheless, she comes to work early in the morning, when most of us are fast asleep, brimming with Zeal and Enthusiasm each day. 
A Salute to You MAM!

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Humans of IITR #1


Humans of IITR
# 1

They say that drastic times call for drastic measures, but Zakil Ahmed disagrees.

He is one of eighteen washermen in Rajendra Bhawan. His outlook on living a fulfilling life has inspired the Humans of IIT Roorkee team. He envisions a brighter future for his four children, and in his own words, “Itne kam mein bhi hum bachon ko ache school mein padha rahe hain… aur kya chahiye?”

Being one of eight siblings, he was orphaned at a tender age of 10. Even though he could only obtain formal education until 5th grade, his words portray a vast degree of wisdom and nobility. He selflessly chose to support his five brothers and two sisters, by working day-in and day-out to make both ends meet. Having worked for twenty years, he still commutes all the way from Manglaur, a village thirty minutes from here.

One of the biggest issues that he highlighted was the advent of washing machines in this decade. He finds it unfortunate not because of missing out on potential bucks, but because he reminisces the bond he had developed.

In one case, he narrated how he even rendered his services for free to a student belonging to an underprivileged family. 
There is no wonder that everyone has to face hardships in their lives, but Ahmed’s life teaches us a lesson of selflessness and persistence, the two secret ingredients for happiness in an individual’s life.

We salute his outlook towards Life.

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